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Decals for 1/3125-scale Shapeways Federation Miniatures
miniatures from Amarillo Design Bureau.

We currently offer individual-ship decal sheets, designed to work with the following 1/3788-scale ADB Shapeways miniatures (also usable on metal Starline 2400 miniatures * (which are the same-scale, but slightly different in details):
Miniature: Class Name: Also Usable on:
BB battleship Ares/Mars-class  
DNG dreadnought Federation-class DNF
  DN-FJ Franz Joseph dreadnought Federation-class - FJ variant  
DNL Light Raiding Dreadnought Star Tiger-class  
CVA heavy fleet carrier Napoleon-class  
CVo ("flatbed") operational carrier Napoleon-class - altenate  
BCG battlecruiser Kirov-class BCF, BCJ, BC1
CVS strike carrier Nimitz-class CVB
GSC galactic survey cruiser Byrd-class  
CX advanced (X-tech) command cruiser Revolution-class  
CA heavy cruiser Constitution-class CAR, CAD, CA-FJ
CB heavy command cruiser Constitution-class - Gettysburg variant  
CC command cruiser Constitution-class - Lexington variant  
CF fast cruiser Wolverine-class CFS
CS strike cruiser Prometheus-class  
oCA old heavy cruiser Alfred/"Great"-class oSR
TT Fleet Tug
[pod decals sold-seperately]
NCA new heavy cruiser Chicago-class NHS
  NCC new command cruiser Chicago variant - London variant  
NCF new fast cruiser Manta Ray-class  
NCL new light cruiser Kearsarge-class NSC
  CLC light command cruiser Kearsarge-class - Clausewitz variant  
NLF fast light cruiser San Martin-class  
CM medium cruiser Ragnarok-class  
LTT light tactical transport
[pod decals sold-seperately]
oCL old light cruiser
Texas/Province-class CLS
DDG destroyer Saladin-class DD, DDL, DD-FJ, DE, DER, DDM
DDF fast destroyer Two Moons-class  
Sc scout (ADB scout) Hermes-class Scout-FJ
HDW war destroyer Arab Legion-class  
DW war destroyer Ortega-class (alternate names) DWS
  DWC command war destroyer Ortega-class - Begin variant  
FFB battle frigate Ramius-class (additional names) FBS
FF/FFG frigate Burke-class FFS
[pod decals sold-seperately]
Wells Fargo-class  
Pol Police Cutter Masterson-class [straight struts] Callahan-class [angled struts]
Cargo Pod
(for TT Fleet Tug, LTT, and FFT miniatures)

NOTE: Any ship not-listed is not yet available as a decal set. Decals for additional miniatures will be added soon.

We also offer the following optional add-on decal sets, providing additional features/details that some customers may wish to include:
Blue-glow for the "flux chillers" on the inside face of warp engine nacelles for 1/3125-scale -
  • Miniatures with "cruiser-type" engines (DNG, BCG, CA, CVS, GSC, TT Tug) (includes 24 chiller decals; most ships use 2 each)
  • Miniatures with "new light cruiser-type" engines (NCL, LTT) (includes 24 chiller decals; most ships use 2 each)
  • Miniatures with "old light cruiser-type" engines (oCL) (includes 24 chiller decals; most ships use 2 each)
  • Miniatures with "frigate-type" engines (HDW, DW, FFG, FFT) (includes 24 chiller decals; most ships use 2 each)
  • Miniatures with "police-type" engines (Pol, PFF) (includes 24 chiller decals; most ships use 2 each)
Blast and tear damage marking decals for 1/3125-scale miniatures will be added soon.

Squadron Box sheet sample

Engine Flux-Chillers sheet sample

spacer* These decals are specifically designed to fit the miniatures Amarillo Design Bureau sells through their Shapeways store. The decals will fit on their metal Starline 2400 miniatures (and older miniatures from the Starline 2300 and Starline 2200 product lines), but minor differences in details such as saucer grid-lines, etc. are not the same between the two miniatures product lines. Some trimming and adjustments of the decals may be required for that use

spacerOur decal sheets include hull-numbers and names for the "saucer" primary hull, banners and underside hatches/antennas for secondary hull (if any), banners and hatches for engine nacelles, windows, and various other useful details to help make your miniature look exceptional. We include two of all decals, to allow for the unexpected. Should a problem happen, you will have a spare. If not, great!; you can decal two minis for the price of one. We want your experience to be as stress-free and rewarding as possible.

spacerPurcased decals include illustrated placement guides and detailed application instructions. They are shipped sealed in "zip" type plastic bags to exclude moisture and protected from creasing with with chipboard stiffeners.

spacerPlease note that these decals are laser-printed on clear film and are intended to work only on a light color background (white or light gray). They will not look their best on a dark background (dark gray, red, etc.).

Ordering Our Decals

spacerPlease Note: Tenneshington Decals reserves the right to continuously improve the design, graphics, and materials of our products; Our decals are sold as-is, at the time of printing.
We stand behind our products and we will replace any product that is defective or printed not-matching the information provided.

spacerWe thank you very much for your business and look forward to providing you with quality product and customer service. Questions? Comments? Let us know: E-mail Tony, E-mail Will, E-mail your order.

All of our products are produced with the kind permission and under the direction of Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. Designs and the Star Fleet Universe are copyright © 2021, ADB, Inc. www.starfleetgames.com
Unique art and this website copyright © 2021, Tenneshington Decals; Will McCammon, Tony L. Thomas.
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